Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ Has Risen!

Happy Easter! 

I wanted to show a different spin on Easter baskets. My boys are old enough that baskets just don't really seem to fit their age. However, I love to do little things for them celebrating the holidays so this year I decided to use large storage jars.

 These are perfect for all the goodies I wanted to put inside them. So basically I just layered the candy and worked my way to the top. 

Each one has a huge chocolate bunny in the middle...yummy.

In each container I was able to place five eggs with a saying or question for my boys to read out loud.  I wrapped them in money for an extra yay!

These containers are great because I can use them for other holidays Valentines Day, Halloween etc. You can find these large containers at Target and Walmart for around $5.00 in the canning supply section.

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Regina said...

Great idea Jennifer. I hope you had a great day today.
Look, you asked me about the little house on my 4/2th post. In that post I was talking about this blog , that is from an artist, and besides her artwork she posts about great stuff, and she gives the source for everything. She sent me those pictures but did not give the sources, but I know if you visit her blog you'll find it there.
I hope this helps you.
Have a great week.