Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mercedes Benz Left Brain/ Right Brain


I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am.


I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feet. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.

I know which one I about you?


Martha Lever said...

This is SO cool!!! I love it! I know which one I am too!

Georgina said...

Oh Lordy, I'm so right brain I think the left side has shriveled up!! LOL As for mathematics, I begged my college math prof to pass me with a C, for godsake!! I told her I could assure her I would never, EVER, use quadratic equation nor ever need to know how to use a matrix...and vortex...OMG, let's not even go there!!!!! I promised her I'd bone up on ratios, metric measurements and learn to read the periodic table (not her area) because as a ceramist, that's the kind of math I found useful.

That semester, I got four A's and one C!!! I rejoiced over that C!!!

Regina said...

I like to think I'm a lucky one. Every "left brain vs. right brain" test or quiz I take, I get the results of using both. I'm usually mostly in the middle or leaning ever so slightly either way (depending on the test).

This picture is totally cool though! Thanks for sharing!


julie king said...

love this! i want to be all right brain but i know i have a good deal of left brain in me as well. maybe i'm just well-balanced. hee hee