Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Goodness

 Here are twelve things that make me smile for spring...

 gorgeous flowers

dreaming of walking this path...sigh

having this on my door

riding this bike (with those flowers of course)

Shopping here...

a room to call my own

have some fun hair

a balloon ride with a friend

creating a cute garland

Creature Comforts

painting my fingers and toes

Organized Clutter

last but not least...enjoying a lil cake!

Liza Lefkowitz


rachel awes said...

i LOVE your
everyphoto & love!!
happy easter
& love from
my hot air balloon
to yours. xo

Regina said...

Oh now that's just completely gorgeous! And I completely agree with EVERYTHING you've said. Although, it's been so dry here, I'd love to have to USE an umbrella out here for once. We desperately need rain here in Texas. But gorgeous post!!


drollgirl said...

a beautiful post that screams of spring! gorgeousness all around!