Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toasty Toast

  Want to try a yummy good snack?

Here is what you will need:
extra virgin olive oil 
bread (hearty)
kosher salt

You're going to want to heat your pan on medium. Melt your butter and olive oil in a bowl (the amount of butter and oil will depend on the amount of bread your making). For the bread I use really good fresh Pagnotta bread however, the bread you choose to use has to be really hearty. Use your butter/oil mixture and brush it on both sides of your bread. Then simply place it in the pan and flip when golden brown.


When the butter/oil is sizzling on the bread dash on your kosher salt. The bread gets really toasty crunchy...trust me this is SO yummy!!

Jason likes to add an herb dip with rosemary.