Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Place Like Home

8x10 paper, dye ink, acrylic

Here is a custom piece Ive been working on...this quote still rings true after 70 years!

Total Fact Randomness... The ruby slippers were actually silver in 
the book and there were four witches.


rachel awes said...

jennifer, i love this a CRAZY amount!
i am giving the whole creation a big hug!
click click red sweet home ~
a big beautiful heart clearly lives here.
starry love, xoxox.

Bev said...

sooooo love this!

drollgirl said...

they were SILVER?!?! can you believe that?!?

Linda Woods said...

This is so awesome! love it!

Alisa said...

We were shocked how different the book was from the movie. Much scarier! Love what you've done!