Thursday, September 2, 2010

Being Silly and Art

Jodie Gonzales asks the question..."What did you do to feel like a kid today"? Well, I walked around in my husband's shoes. They were clunky and SO big. My nine year old gave me this look like I was an idiot and asked me to take them off. I ignored the rude looks and snickers and did this because it reminded me of when I was a kid walking around in my Dad's shoes. He had these huge work boots and I got great joy out of doing it...go figure.

In other Jen related news, I wanted to share a close up of a new bird

I put it on one of Andrew's wood frames and it turned out lovely. The bird is all paper and the frame is papered then I used acrylics to color the background. I was with Adri Whitney at an antique store and I ran across a very old plant book. It was falling apart so I didn't feel bad buying it to disassemble and use the pages for some of my backgrounds.

Ta-da! Another happy bird sitting on a branch, waiting for a home.

Total Fact Randomness...Pigeons can reach speeds up to 100 mph. (where do they fly 100 mph? I always see them just sitting around).


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Beautiful piece Jen! Love it! How fun to bring out that inner child! ;) Ok... pigeons can really fly that fast?! That is crazy! lol

Jennifer said...

I've never seen a pigeon fly! Thanks for the fun factoids - something to look forward to when I read your blog.

life without novacaine said...

Love your bird. It's really beautiful!
You crack me up with your comment about your son. My nine year old would have totally instructed me to take the shoes off too! I keep embarrassing him every time I turn around it seems! Ha-ha!