Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mariposa Studio Show

 Last night was the gallery show at Mariposa Studio and Iyollo Gallery. I really enjoyed meeting so many of the talented artist and supporters (great turn out). Here are some pictures I took before and during the event.
 Here I am with Jodie Gonzales...super duper sweetie. She and her husband are the owners of
Mariposa Studio.

(see the yoga painting? that's Jodie's awesome piece)

Here is some of my work...

Those two birds on the right are mine...didn't get a good picture of them both. Someone at the show asked me if the symbolism of birds is me trying to get free. No, I just think birds are pretty.

The show was from 7-10:00pm and it flew by because I was chatting with such great people. Here is one of the wonderful fellow artists I was able to spend time with. 

This is Brandi Reynolds of Joy Rebel Studio...isn't she a cutie?

I was so excited to get to meet her and talk about her photography. She drove all the way from Dallas to be at the show. Now, to those of you not from Texas, it doesn't seem that far to go from Dallas to Houston, but it takes around five hours...remember, Texas is big! Here are a few of her images to whet your taste buds...

Talented, huh? Here are links to her website and Etsy shop to see all the splendor she has for sale.

Total Fact Randomness- Did you know that Coca-Cola would 
be green if coloring was not added to it?

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