Monday, April 12, 2010

Wind Is Not My Friend!

So here is a little update from the two art festivals I attended recently. My tent blew down at CityCenter and more than half of my art was damaged. I was the lucky one that had the water fountain behind my tent so you can guess where some of my art ended up. My tent and panels had to be thrown in the dumpster on site. 
(sad face)

This past weekend I was at the Fulshear Artist Market and my sweet friend Adri invited me to share a tent with her since I didn't have a new tent yet or replaced my walls. We got off to a great start and then the rain and wind came. Her poor tent didn't make it and crashed down on us. Strike two! 
(sad face)

This is what is left of Adri's tent and mine looked very similar. Some of the artist around us put a price tag on it which made us laugh so hard. 

We decided to pack up and enjoy the festival which is something we never get to do because we are always participating in them. We got everything put away and then sat down to have some lunch. Later we walked around and talked with other artists and I got to spend some quality time with Adri...priceless!


I see the Bridge! said...

Oh you poor thing, I so know how you feel though, exactly the same thing happened to me with my stock fying across the field in the wind and the rain..and what wasn't wrecked immediately was ruined with the price tags ink running on to other things.
At least you made the best of the day and had a bit of fun looking around..the life of an artist!
Hope you still have the enthusiasm to keep creating, your work is wonderful.
Kiss Noises Linda

Kiki Neumann said...

I put a price tag on your creative metal sculpture but it was too low!!! We all felt terrible for you and hope you will return for other shows. You are right...wind is not your friend nor is the rain however short it may be! So glad to see you again and i wish you well in the future!!!

drollgirl said...

ACK!!! i am so sorry! what a traumatic and upsetting experience. but it sounds like you made the most of it, so kudos to you.

and the wind art?!? HAHA HAHAH! that is a scream!

Amy C said...

oh no, what a bummer, you have such a fab sense of humor!
Ages ago I made some lights and got a stall, the wind smashed most of them. I am glad you got to have some fun in the end!