Friday, April 16, 2010

Miroslav Sesek

 Miroslav Sesek 

 I love children books and my favorite illustrator is Miroslav Sasek. Oh, to be that talented...sigh. I find it interesting that very little is known about him. He was born in Prague in 1916 and died in Switzerzerland in 1980. He worked as a painter and illustrator for most of his life. He trained as an architect (because his parents didn't approve of him becoming a painter), can you imagine? He is famous for his "This Is..." series of books

 starting with This is Paris published in 1958, he wrote and painted some of the best pictures of the world's greatest cities and countries. You have to admit they are super-duper cute! Lucky for us most of his books are being reissued.

In short his books just make me super happy!


Jennifer said...

Oh my - thank you for sharing! His books make me want to teleport to each city and state (go Texas!). To have the complete the collection...!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I know! I totally want the whole collection.

Alisa said...

I love these books. They make great gifts!