Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Orchid and Birds

I've been working on some little 4x6 pieces with birds and orchids. My husband bought me an orchid the other day and taking care of this beautiful plant is tricky...only water certain times, don't get the leaves wet, certain temperature for day and night...goodness how do these things survive in the nature? I totally understand why people buy plastic ones. However, my husband and I are on a mission not to kill it. Wish us luck. 

I don't need to worry about this one I'm working on
It's going to go on the blank green canvas. The two little birds in the background are almost done. The blue one says, "make simple a way of life" and the yellow one says "appreciate the many things that make your life so valuable".  I will show you better pictures when I get them all done.

working, working

 Look at my messy desk! I have to clean it off after every project but then as soon as I get going on another it totally looks exactly like this again. Totally doesn't bother me until I see it in pictures Yikes! It's my crazy, messy, joyful place where I can make orchids that don't need to be watered.


I see the Bridge! said...

Oh I do so love your work and I love the fact your work area is a creative mess...it makes me feel better about mine.
Adore the little birdies and the orchid looks sooo intricate.
Kiss Noises and good luck with the real orchid,

Martha Lever said...


julie king said...

this is how i like to work, too -- the messier, the better!