Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Anthropologie Love

Oh my, I totally love this store and the displays. I always enjoy looking in the store at new items and of course the window displays...*swoon*.

Here are some pictures from one of the stores here in Houston. It''s very hard to tell from the pictures but those flowers are empty water bottles! They cut them open at the base and spray painted them.

Is this not the best color blue ever?
This window had more of the flowers hanging from old bicycle rims...very cool beans! 


VivatRegina said...

Wow I LOVE IT!!! That's a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing :)


Jennifer said...

Ahhh...blue is my favorite color. I don't have an Anthropologie to visit (except their website). :( Thank you for sharing and inspiring some creative ways to recycle water bottles!

Jennifer said...

That is SO neat!! Such a cool idea!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these images. Often, window displays are not construed as a work of art, but more often than not, artists and designers are employed for their unique perspective. As an art teacher, I look forward to utilizing these images as a reference in one of my upcoming projects focusing on the reuse of recycled materials. Those flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos online .