Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sundance and Anthropologie Catalogs Just Make Me Happy!

This is just one of those strange things I can't explain... but when I open the mailbox and see the Sundance and Anthropologie catalogs I get an extra spring in my step.
Anthropologie Trosa Clogs

Anthropologie Orava Shift Dress...cuteness!

Sundance charm necklaces

I wish I had a magical gift certificate that would let me get whatever I wanted and it would never run out!

Last, but not least, the best Sundance item of all time...
the 1940's style trailer

I want this!

1 comment:

julie king said...

that is an adorable trailer and it reminds me so much of the trailer in the collage i bought from you!!!!!! how you feel about those 2 catalogs is how i feel when my pottery barn catalog arrives. every few months i have to buy something just so they won't quit sending me the catalog! hee hee