Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Piece of My Happy Place Is Chipped Away

First, Mary Engelbriet's Home Companion was canceled...second, Domino was Burt's Bees changed their Peppermint Shower Soap...then Whole Foods stopped selling Emerita Body La Madeleine got a new CEO and changed Le Menu. My ALL TIME favorite dessert, Caramel Cream Puff, is no more. I can't believe it. I almost started to tear up in the restaurant.

so here goes my puff eulogy...

oh creamy goodness you will be missed
your fluffy pastry will not be forgotten
I will think of you time and again.

your creamy pudding center was like none other
you by far surpassed the Strawberry Napoleon for $4.29 and
the Fresh Fruit Tart for $3.29

my senses danced in delight
my taste buds tingled with joy
no words can express how much I will miss the way
you looked waiting for me behind the glass
with sadness in my heart I tip my hat and say adieu.

OK where's the dang tissue???!!!!


Mechelle Harrison said...

Oh you are so funny!

I feel your pain.A long time ago the St. Louis Bread Co. carried this little praline baguette, then one day I went to the mall but the store no longer sold it anymore. Why?

lori vliegen said...

hee your poem...only you can make a caramel cream puff sound so good!! of course, now the fun begins in finding a new favorite (you may just have to try several hundred new pastries to find the perfect one!). and, i too, will miss the ME home companion...some of the most gorgeous photography EVER!! i always looked forward to the artist studio feature. :)

Georgina said...

Too funny!!! One of my favorite desserts in a wonderful restaurant in Albuquerque is also reason to go back to Albuquerque!! They made the best Tiramasu EVER!!! Yep, pass the tissue!!

Also, ME Home Companion was one of my's also gone...tear! No offense to the Martha Stewart fans, but Living just "don't cut it!!"

julie king said...

so very sad when we get attached to something and then voila! it is gone. at least you're approaching it with a sense of humor!

Martha Lever said...

Oh I am mourning along with you!!

Jennifer said...

While very sad, think of all the new goodies to be tried and enjoyed out there! Have you thought about tracking down the recipe for the caramel cream puff...?

Jenn said...

RIP carmamel cream puff:(

e.beck.artist said...

send them the poem!
they'll bring it back just for you!