Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Art Of The Brick

Nathan Sawaya uses Lego's to create art that is just amazing. I can't imagine the time and thought it must take to do his sculptures. I know my 10 year old would be in heaven in his studio.

Check out his website to read more and see his artwork.

More Lego goodness......

Lego Kitchen

Lego USB

Lego Rings


Regina said...

I LOVE THIS! I'd seen some of those pics before but not all of them. Did you see the New York skyline made of legos? It was on Twitter last week on one of the handmade or Etsy sites I follow. It was pretty fab! Oh and I saw on a blog not too long ago an entire house made out of legos. MAGNIFICENT! I love things like this! Thanks for sharing!


drollgirl said...

holy cow! this artist's works are incredible!!!!

Alisa said...

We bought Nathan's book for my son a few years back, amazing!