Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Saturday Artist Market

The artist market in the Heights was great. So many great vendors it was hard not to take several walks and buy goodies. I took a picture of my booth so I could show off my (cheap and quick) banner. 

 I bought an easel at IKEA really cheap, around 12.99. I used the bottom tray for all my candy canes which was a big hit among the kiddos.

I decided to add shelves to my panel walls and they worked out really great. Plus I made extra magnets and cards and used baskets from IKEA to hold the extra ones that didn't fit in the spinner rack. I but the extra magnets on the panel with some metal strips I got from Home Depot. They already had holes in them so I just hung them with two zip ties on the ends. Worked great and I can move them around if I need to. Yay for when things work out!


Regina said...

It looks lovely! By the way cheap and quick + smart. I like it.

drollgirl said...

it looks PERFECT!!!! and you can use this over and over again!!!!