Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Booth Banner/Garland Thingamabob

I will be at the Artist Market in the Heights on December 4th so if you're in the area come say "Hi". Mention this blog post to me and you can get your choice of three free cards. Gotta love that!

 I'm really making a good effort not to wait until the last minute (like I normally do) to get all my goodies done for my booth. I have so many projects going on at once right now it's crazy...crazy good! I wanted to have a Christmas banner/garland at the entrance of my booth but finding one that is 10ft. isn't that easy. I decided to just do one myself...heck, I'm pretty crafty. 

I chose to use felt because it's easy peazy and super cheap. This entire project took me about 45 minutes from start to finish. Very simple...

basically all you need is your felt, scissors (I used pinking shears), white marking pencil (this is just a Prismacolor one), paper and bias tape.

What I like about using bias tape is that it's already pressed, folded and ready to go. 

Fold your 9x12 piece of felt in half, then trace your pattern. 

cut it out...

Viola! You can get three pieces from a single sheet.

Once I got them all cut out I was ready to start sewing. And we all know that's the fun part.

Place your felt pieces between the bias tape. I found it was much easier if I only did a few at a time because the banner was so long.

I left about 5 inches of bias tape at the ends so I could easily tie them to the booth. I decided not to pin them after the first two because it was more work than it was worth. The felt and bias tape stuck together so well I didn't need pins. I just sewed all the way to the end of the felt piece then just simply placed the alternating color between the tape and repeated. It was SO much quicker and easier.

Yay! I can mark this off my list of things to do!! I might put letters spelling out Merry Christmas or something if I have some extra time...however, realistically I don't think that is going to happen. I will make sure to take pictures of it hung so you can see the end result.

All together my 10ft. banner cost me $4.25 can't beat that! *Fist pump*

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