Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carving Time Print by Danita

I bought this print from Danita's Etsy shop and just love it. I wanted to add it to my Halloween decorations so I decided to mount it to one of my wood blocks that I use for my prints. I had some extra space at the bottom and decided to use these orange knobs so I could hang some of my ornaments.

I took them apart and used epoxy to put them on the board without that long piece.



~Barb~ said...

Cute! And I love the addition of the knobs that you added, too. (Orange is my favorite color so I'm really diggin' the knobs! lol)
Peace & Love,

julie king said...

so sweet! all my halloween stuff is in the attic in my old house. i miss it will get it one day soon but alas it won't be displayed until next year. but the good news is that xmas is right around the corner.

life without novacaine said...

So cute and so clever! Love this!