Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair Austin Texas

I made my way to the Renegade Craft Fair with Adri Whitney this past weekend in Austin, TX and we had a lovely time! Austin is such a wonderful place...so I was thinking "oh, darn I guess I will have to drive to Austin to attend this", woe is me!

I felt like a goober taking this picture because people were looking at me strange. I told Adri, "I have to take a picture to put on my blog", then I noticed she was using her flip camera and taking video and we started laughing out loud. 

I can't really tell you what this was but it had a hole for a picture so we took it.

Shotgun Party was playing while we were at the fair and they sounded great...extremely talented trio!

Adri and I stood and enjoyed the music for awhile but we had to get back to checking things out. 

 This is The Wonder Craft a super cute Airstream Trailer with a boutique inside. How totally awesome is that? They travel around doing fairs and private parties. Below is what it looks like from the inside. 

We stayed as long as we could but had to head back to Houston. I am already looking forward to going again next year and I'm sure I can talk Adri into coming with me. 


drollgirl said...

oh, it looks like it would be so much fun! lucky you!

i have a friend that sold stuff there, and i sure wish i could have been there to check it out.

life without novacaine said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I am in desperate need of a craft fair!

Do you sell your work at fairs?

PS. Your mugs are on their way!

jodie said...

so jealous...austin and craft fair are like my two favorite words. (three?) anyway, i found you from a comment at how2drawacupofcoffee...i'm in h-town too. colorfly studio is incredible!

charles said...

excellent post

Alisa said...

Looks like fun!

Check out the making of the American Air commercial. They talk about the illustrator


stacy di said...

I LOVE the Renegade Craft Fair when it comes to town...but I think that Airstream trailer is just about the coolest thing I've seen

Adriana Whitney said...

I had so much fun Jen! I will go next year again. I am uploading the video of our trip there.
Love you