Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars and Celebrities

I've never been into celebrities and honestly don't care a hoot about the Oscars. My husband had it on the Oscars so I watched Sandra Bullock accept her award and that was about it for me. What surprises me is how Hollywood is kinda small but so many celebrities look a lot alike...see what I'm talking about below. 



told ya!


Jennifer said...

Squiggy & Quentin? LOLLLLLLL

VivatRegina said...

My Secret Fetish #37 - I love looking at celebrity look alikes. These are so awesome and some of them I would have never thought it until I saw them together, and now I'm like well, duh! :) Great post!

PS - I missed the Oscars but honeslty, I always miss the Oscars, lol.

Martha Lever said...

I love seeing these comparison photos!!! Thanks, Jen!

Frizz said...

i think we need some variety hollywood!?!!