Monday, February 8, 2010

Scrap Wood Paint Storage


I had all this scrap wood left over from making frames and decided
to make a shelf for some of my paints.

 Do you like my sander/saw? It totally cracks me up because my grandfather made this from a bunch of leftover parts he had from his machine shop (it's all scraps). My Dad gave it to me about two years ago and I just love it, mostly because my grandfather has passed away and when I use it I think of him. I bet when he was making it he never thought his granddaughter would be using it on a weekly basis.

I decided to give the shelf a white wash so the plain wood would have some kind of color.
Ta-da! My new paint storage shelf. Now I can use my old one for the larger jars.


Frizz said...

you need your own "chick that builds stuff" show - that's really great!! power tools are cool!

Martha Lever said...

WOW I want one. Good job!!!!

CourtneyP said...

How clever! I love the saw. I have to take my little jigsaw and sander outside and it is always a pain!! Lucky gal!

Alisa said...

Oooh, I want a shelf like that! I am so impressed that you build things. I wish we lived closer, you could offer a class and I could learn how to make shelves!!