Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things That Just Make Me Smile

I totally have to figure out where I can put this wallpaper in my house. I am loving the robots, they are so cute (and the colors? c'mon!). Aimee Wilder is the artist and she has some really awesome wallpapers not to mention this one called analognights below

LOVE it. You should look at her website to see all the art she has...it's worth it.

ready for more?

Rachel Whiteread has this totally cute modern chess set...it seems you would get confused if you really wanted to play chess. However, seeing as I don't know how to play this will do just fine. The little chairs and ironing board are just totally cute! Find more about Rachel here.

Heather English makes these great bags made from inner tubes from tires and bicycles. Truck stops in the Boulder area supply Heather with the used inner tubes—each of which probably has more than 60,000 miles on it before it gets reinvented. "Just think of all the places these tubes have been", says Heather. "Now it's your turn to add to their miles and adventures".

I just gotta get one of these bags! Check out her website here


Anji Gallanos said...

What a fantastic chess set...and I too love the wallpaper.


Chocolate and Steel said...

That is great wallpaper. Did you see the one with the sumo wrestlers. Hilarious. I can't figure out what room that would go in. Oh, maybe an exercise room!

Alisa said...

It is so good to take time to appreciate the things that make us smile!

paintandink said...

I want to make some great comment here, but all I can do is GRIN at the wallpaper and the chess set.