Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cards, Cards, Cards

I just added some new cards to my ever growing collection. I just LOVE cards and notes from friends and family! I guess it stems from my love of getting snail mail and things that are hand written. There is not much to my little collection, it's basically a large book ring... just punch a whole in the corner and place it on. I have added ribbons and such to the ring so it makes it pretty. I LIKE PRETTY.

Some of my cards date back 15 years ago! I keep them on the door in my studio so I can keep an eye on them. This one is from friends, only I had to make a separate one for all the cards and notes my hubby gives me.


Jennifer said...

What a great idea! I must admit, I'm going to steal it and start my own visible collection of the cars I've kept over the years. It beats keeping the cards stacked away in a box!


sUz said...

hi jeN!
Aren't you clever!? I think I'm going to steal your idea :)
Glad you're back from NC. I lived in Durham for about 10 years so it was nice to see some familiar places.
iN jOy,

Jennifer DeDonato said...

When you guys get yours done you totally need to take some pictures and let me see!!

lori vliegen said...

what a great way to add some instant inspiration to your favorite space!! i love your idea of adding the ribbons for texture! :)

Artfulife said...

That is too fun! I have all my cards stuffed in boxes and bins (I thought I was the only one who saved stuff like that) I will have to try this idea for all of our written treasures.

Jenn said...

super, SUPER idea Jen! I should have one for each of my boys to collect their cards from the grandparents each holiday! soooo cute:):)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh i freakin LOVE this idea!

i have a little rattan bag i keep mine in... THIS would be SO much more visual... i could enjoy them more!

yippee!!!!!! i hope i can enjoy your idea too! :D

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Can't wait to see everyone's collections!!