Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kids Fun Discoveries

Eleni and her cutie Zachary

I've discovered I still love to do fun things I did as kid. I can think of a few things I've done lately like flying a kite, Skee-Ball, Hopscotch and riding the train at the park. I can't tell you how excited Eleni and I ...err I meant to say Zachary was when we discovered the "caboose" of the train was a seat facing out. We were all SO excited! Then the train started and we soon became aware that it was making us motion sick facing the opposite direction. With our stomachs turning we trudged onward...only because we couldn't jump from the train with a two year old in tow.

We started laughing so hard because we knew that if we were kids again it wouldn't bother us one bit. After this discovery next time I'm totally facing the other direction...gack!

I've also discovered I'm hopeless at taking pictures of myself

and sometimes you just need to put a bumblebee hat on!

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