Thursday, January 29, 2009

Family Message Board Finished!

I am SO happy to be done with this project! I purchased these shutters at a salvage/junk store for forty dollars with the idea of making a family message board. I am a huge do-it-yourselfer and really enjoyed transforming these into a family message board.

First up was the fact that I didn't want to look at all the mess and calendar. So when I found these shutters with a two inch inset of wood on the back I knew they would work wonderfully. I was happy because I didn't have to add any wood to the back to raise it off the wall. I had to saw off a side piece from both shutters so when I opened up the doors I wouldn't have two wood strips running down the center.

Once I got the shutters cut and sanded I was ready to paint them. I found it easier to use spray paint because of all the little nooks these suckers have. After the shutters were dry I screwed them into the studs in the wall with the help of my husband (he has height on his side). I covered the cork board with a leftover painters drop cloth because it was clean, long and wide. I screwed the board to the wall and all done.

Now I have a place for all those numbers, odds and ends that was clogging up my counter and fridge part I can close the door and not see the mess!

I got these great knobs at a hobby store at 50% off...I just 50% sales!


Jennifer said...

Jen, the shutters and your family board project look great! Congratulations!

Flor Larios Art said...

I love it! Looks great!

CourtneyP said...

Love them. I love finding old things and putting them to good use! Good job.

Efrat Dalton said...

What a fun project, well done!

Kastina said...

Oh myyy goodness! I love this idea!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.