Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can It Be?

Coffee Cup -Vintage Matchbook Covers

I know my world is slowly imploding in on itself because I have discovered I like coffee...well, when it's full of tons of sugar! It started with a trip to Starbucks and the Caramel Macchiato sucked me in. I am SO not a coffee person...I am totally a tea girl. It was one of those very tiring early mornings when a friend suggested coffee. I thought I was pretty desperate so I would give it a go. I have, since that day, had around twenty and not the small ones but the Venti size (in Starbucks lingo that's as large as you can get). However, it's not just Starbucks. My sweet coffee fix has made its way to Panera and La Madaleine. I feel like I have just joined some secret club or something.

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paintandink said...

Welcome to the club!

It is entirely possible to be both a coffee and a tea person, I assure you... I like coffee in the morning, but with the introduction of Cinnamon Dolce Lattes into my life, I think of coffee as more of a desert these days, and tea as my all-day lighter-weight beverage...

... but then I have just discovered Spiced Chai tea from Bigelows and Twinings, and with milk and sugar, tea has also become a desert :)