Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Michaels Coupon Web

I am not the largest fan of Michaels craft store. I think it's because of the one near my house. It's overcrowded with merchandise, the aisles are way to close together, it tends to be a bit messy, the parking is bad but my biggest peeve...the lighting is horrific! It makes me crazy nuts that I have to go to the end of the paper aisle to be able to see what color card stock I have in my hand. Believe me when I tell you I pulled out card stock and couldn't tell the color of the paper. OK, wait what shade purple is this? ARRGGGG! I guess I can get some extra activity points on my Weight Watchers diet for walking extra so I guess that's helpful. However, I don't think they had that in mind. End of my rant...sort of.

Just let me say Mr. Michael is a genius! Even with a messy store, crowded aisles and no light I still end up going from time to time. I get the ad in the mail each week so I know I am guaranteed to get at 40% off coupon. But now they have me tangled in a web of coupons. Now you get a 50% off coupon with your receipt. I don't know what it is but somehow in a woman's brain a 40-50% coupon flips a switch that can't get turned off until we use it. I found myself wandering the dark, crowded aisles last night looking for something to use that darned coupon on. Maybe I can get those, I already have 20 pair. What about that cute
gingerbread man punch? Paint maybe?? I have to free myself from the dangerous coupon web Michaels has weaved me into. So many coupons and somehow I ended up standing at the register with sale items that you can't use a coupon on. Michaels 1, Jen 0

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The Fab Miss B said...

I'm so with you there. I also hate hate hate Michaels, (the lights! the useless employees! the horribly long lines!) but go because its the only craft supply place near me. And the coupons just keep sucking you in! I also like their Martha Stewart collection.