Monday, August 11, 2008

Ryan's Milkweed

Our cat Otto sniffing around the Milkweed plant (all the leaves are completely eaten)

My seven year old wanted to have a milkweed plant in our flower garden so he could have Monarch butterflies. At the beginning of Summer I took him to the nursery and he picked out the milkweed plant he wanted and we got it. He was excited to see his milkweed grow and flower over the Summer. Just a few days ago I was working in the garden and on his plant I counted five caterpillars! More than half of the leaves were gone with caterpillars still on the plant (they were fat little suckers)! By the next day all the leaves were gone and the caterpillars were gone. I searched all around but I could only find one in the tree next to the plant.

I had some really great pictures of the caterpillars on the plant but accidentally deleted them...aarrrgggg! This is the only pic I could recover of the caterpillar in our tree (it's hard to see).


Roberta said...

Great blog!
I didn't know you were in Houston too!
I always see your work on JacketFlap.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I like your Etsy shop...cute little owls. YAY Houston