Saturday, July 12, 2008

It Is All Done!

Yes, this is a quilt! I know it's hard to believe. I enjoy going to the International Quilt Festival every year and looking at the amazing quilts. My favorite part is the vendors market because you can buy anything and everything. I am always amazed at the craftsmanship, time and patience that goes into the quilts. They really are a work of art. The quilt above is called "Hope For Our World" by HOLLIS CHATELAIN. It won the 2007 Best Of Show Award 10,000 prize. Yes, I know it really is a quilt.

and on to my little joy...

Miracle of miracles I finished a project I bought from the International Quilt Festival last October. I have been going to the festival for years now and each year I buy less and less. Why? Because I end up getting projects and they set in my craft closet waiting to be done. So I decided a few years back to get a grip and not buy projects I don't have time to do. This past year I only bought two projects and actually finished one of them! Ta-da, my Fall felt table runner. I love Fall. To me it's the beginning of the best three months of the year.

Several people asked me about this runner pattern so here is the information. It's by Wild Thymes Pattern Co.

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