Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CareFree Gum

I'm a gum girl. I love pretty much any kind. I was eating at 59 Diner the other day and I went nuts over the gumball machine game they had. It is the best game because you could win up to 5 gumballs at once. I was hooked on this twenty five cent game! I never won more than three balls at a time but I spent three dollars on the game and walked away with a purse full of little round babies. My all time favorite tasting gum is Dentyne Blast Cool Lime. That gum just rocks and I would buy it in bulk if I could. Another one of my favorites is CareFree because of the name. Can a gum name get any better than that? I have to tell you my CareFree bubbles really are the best!

CareFree Bubbles-paper,dye ink, chalk, adhesive

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CourtneyP said...

I'm a gum gal too!! I like orbit sweet mint.