Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some Kind of Wonderful

Remember 1987? Of course you's the year John Hughes brought us the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. I watched it the other day on TBS or TNT, I can't remember, and it brought back those 80's memories. I was reminded in the kissing scene about this great Stephen Duffy song "She Loves Me". Once again I rushed over to iTunes to buy it and it's not available. Just my luck! I had to buy the CD on Ebay for one song because I wasn't crazy about any of the others. Well, I guess I can say I WON because I downloaded to my iTunes "fun songs" play list. YAY!

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Klay said...

thanks for this - I must have seen that movie about 40 times. I have the soundtrack on tape and cd :) I remember going to the record store right after I saw the movie and asking about March Violets. The scene you picked to post is my favorite scene, great kiss!