Monday, June 9, 2008

Johanna Wright - Artist LOVE

So I discovered a wonderfully talented artist on Etsy today Johanna Wright. She has a wonderful style I am totally in LOVE with her work. Check out her shop Etsy shop here

Want more Johanna? She has a great website so check it out.


Maggie May Ethridge said...

ooo i agree and love this art!

i also really like your style of art...beautiful images, nice clarity and strength

- maggie

Darla said...

These are CUTE! I'm going to go to Etsy and check out the rest of her art. I have an Etsy account but I don't do much with it right now.

johanna wright said...

Hey, thanks for the wonderful shout-out! You made my day! xo

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Gorgeous! and Ethereal... love this work