Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flower Garden

I wish my flower garden really looked like this. Right now all my pretty flowers are dead from this crazy Houston heat. On Friday I spent time in my flower bed pulling all my dead azalea plants and flowers. My poor yard was in desperate need of watering but don't you know the minute I get the water hose out a storm blows in and buckets of water fall from the sky. That's how things roll for me.

Flower Garden Collage-Cut paper, dye ink


spazie99 said...

i love it!!!! will you share some of your talent with me.

i love it!

sUz said...

hi jeN!

I always love stopping by your blog - it's full of inspiration and fun!

Thanks for sharing!

iN jOy,

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Well thank ya kindly!