Sunday, June 15, 2008

Autism Chew Tube

So for those who don't know, I have a ten year old with Autism. He totally ROCKS! Super great kid who has come a loooonnnnggg way. He has oral motor issues (like a lot of kids with Autism) we have found him chewing on your basics like remotes, pens, rubber bands, tinker toys, any kind of plastic basically, even batteries! He chews gum a lot but we have to remind him to get it sometimes when we see him chewing on a lego or tinker toy. I found some great Super Chew Tubes that are wonderful. I had to buy six of them and basically put them in every room of the house but they work great. I got mine from an Ebay store but have seen them in the Abilitations catalog. If you have a child that can't stop chewing this is a great find!

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Sharon said...

Here's an article I've written about chewing in autism, that explains more about how to use chew toys with these kids.