Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vicki Fish Mixed Media Artist

I am totally KICKING myself that at an art show I attended recently I didn't snatch up some of Vicki Fish's mixed media pieces. I had so much show left to see and so little cash on hand and unfortunately decided to take her card and check her out later. Wouldn't you know it she doesn't sell online because her work is one of a kind. I am hoping to catch her this Fall at another art show here in Houston.


sUz said...

hi jeN!

Really great work - I can see why you're kicking yourself! Thanks for sharing -

iN jOy,

CourtneyP said...

I love these pieces..... too bad she is not online for the whole world to enjoy.

Alli said...

i was actually googling vicky fish when i stumbled upon your blog. I am friends with her sister, and she was just telling me today about her artwork. did you say you're from houston? i don't know whether you're up for traveling, but vicky will be at the ann arbor art fair coming up, and also one in.. wisconsin?

anyway, good luck! she is one hell of an artist.