Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vespa Wind Cut Paper Collage Original

I got to spend a lot of time working this weekend which made me super happy. I added Vespa Wind to my Etsy shop today and finished working on Whisper.

My love for pink Vespas keeps emerging.


I think I tell my boys to whisper at least 10 times a day! My classic is "use your inside voice". However I have noticed that my kids inside voice is really loud! What do I say other than inside voice...?


CourtneyP said...

Love,love,love them. I am in awe of your paper cut visions.

sUz said...

wOW jeN! They are fantastic! The pink vespa reminds me of warm summer nights and I just can't get over the depth of "whisper". Love that hair!

iN jOy,