Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Peacocks In Houston

Here in Houston we have peacocks that live in some neighborhoods and just roam the streets. Yeah, not your average bird to see roaming around. My girlfriend and I decided to check them out one day while we were in the area. The picture above I took from the passenger side of the car. You can get so close to them but it still freaked me out because my luck it would fly up on my face and have at it. The rumor is that a wealthy homeowner had these as pets in the area and let them go. No one really knows, (I am sure someone does) but I can't find any information about them. However, they walk about freely. My friend and I stopped and stared for about 45 minutes because who the heck can believe peacocks are running through Houston wild? They were in the street, in yards, on top of homes, and sitting on fences. You name a spot I’ll bet a peacock was there. They were beautiful and very loud and made me happy I didn't live on that street.

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sUz said...

hi jeN!
What a riot! I wouldn't have believed it but you have proof! Some great pics!
iN jOy,