Monday, March 17, 2008

The Gray Matter

All this paper and I don't have any gray. I was working today and needed some gray but thousands of papers later realized I didn't have a single sheet. I even went to my scrap bin and it was completely empty. Looks like a trip to Texas Art Supply is in order. yeeessssss!


spazie99 said...

looks like i'm going with you - yeeessss!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

You know it!

Adriana Whitney said...

I found your blog today in Aah, Surprise, Delight, & Joy and I love your art! You are very talented.
I am adding your blog to my favorites!
Have a great easter!

sUz said...

hi jeN!
I am SO envious of all that paper! Not just the quanity but how well it's organized.
Hooray for getting more supplies!
iN jOy,